How to Stretch 4C Hair Without Heat

stretch 4c hair without heat

If you’re like most women with 4c hair, then you want to keep your hair healthy and avoid heat as much as possible. Curly girls know that using heat on our hair can be damaging, and it’s essential to find ways to stretch our curls without it. This blog post will discuss the best tips and tricks for stretching 4c hair without heat! We will also provide a few helpful videos that show how to achieve these techniques. Let’s get started!

The 13 best methods to stretch 4C hair without heat include:

  1. Curlformers Method
  2. The Pineapple Method
  3. African Threading Method
  4. Banding Method
  5. Jumbo Rollers Method
  6. Bantu Knot Method
  7. Bun or Ponytail Method
  8. Heatless Blowout Method
  9. Braid-out Method
  10. Flexi Rods Method
  11. Twist and Re-Twist Method
  12. Rubber Plates Method
  13. Absorbent Material Method

1. Curlformers Method

Curlformers are spiral mesh inserts that you can use to stretch your hair without heat.

The curlers are flexible, easy to use, and lightweight enough for even overnight application if needed.

To use, you need to:

  • Part your hair into small sections
  • Put the hook provided in the kit inside the curler
  • Hook the bottom of each hair section and pull it through into the curler

Leave the curlers on until your hair is completely dry. If you remove the curlers while hair is still wet, it will revert to its original texture.

Use this method on moisturized, detangled, and slightly damp hair for best results.

2. The Pineapple Method

The pineapple method is easy and fast to stretch your curls without heat.

All you need is an elastic band or hair tie.

To do this:

  1. Gather all of your hair at the top of your head
  2. Secure it with the elastic band or hair tie
  3. Gently pull on your curls to elongate them

You can keep the pineapple in place for as long as you like. Just undo the band or tie when your hair is dry, or you want to take down the hairstyle; just undo the band or tie!

3. African Threading Method

The African threading method is another excellent way to stretch your curls without heat.

This technique involves separating your hair into small sections and wrapping each section around a piece of cotton thread.

For best results, wrap the thread closely and cover as much surface area of hair as possible.

Once you’ve wrapped all of your hair, hold the thread taut and secure it by tying the ends.

You can leave the African threading in place overnight or for a few hours during the day. Then unravel the thread and style as usual.

This method can also be a protective style. In such a case, you can leave the thread on for as long as desired.

4. Banding Method

The banding method is a popular way to stretch your curls without heat.

It is pretty similar to the African threading method, except you use hair bands instead of cotton thread.

To do this, part your hair into small sections and wrap each section around a hairband.

On each section, wrap additional bands all along the length of the hair. Leave a spacing of about an inch between each hairband.

You can use more hair bands and space them more closely for a more stretched look.

5. Jumbo Rollers Method

Jumbo rollers are hair roller types that come in various shapes and sizes, but the cylindrical type is the most popular.

They are a popular and effective way to stretch 4c hair without heat.

To use, you need to:

  • Part your hair into small sections
  • Roll each section around a jumbo roller
  • Secure the rollers with the clip covers provided
  • Let them sit for a few hours until completely dry
  • Afterward, take the rollers down and style as desired

For best results on 4c hair, be sure to use smooth rollers that will not pull or tangle on strands.

6. Bantu Knots Method

Bantu knots are a popular African hairstyle that can stretch your curls without heat or simply style your hair.

To do this, part your hair into small sections and twist each section in a single motion until it looks like a dreadlock.

Then wrap each lock around itself, secure the knots with hairpins or rubber bands, and let them dry.

Once dry, you can wear this style as is or unravel the knots for a curly look.

7. Bun/Ponytail Method

The bun/ponytail method is one of the easiest ways to stretch 4c hair without heat.

Simply gather all of your hair on top of your head (or at the nape of your neck). Then secure with a clip or elastic band, and let the hair sit for 30-60 minutes.

Afterward, style your tresses as desired.

8. Heatless Blowout Method

Even with the use of a heat protector, the heat from a blow dryer can still damage your hair.

Use the cold air setting on your hairdryer to dry your hair to avoid this.

The cold air setting will help stretch and set your curls without heat.

The best way to achieve a heatless blowout is by taking small sections of hair at a time, detangling and blow-drying in the cold setting.

Avoid using any water-based products as they will cause shrinkage and frizz.

Once you’ve completed drying all the sections, apply a sealant such as oil or butter to lock in moisture.

9. Braid-out Method

The braid-out method is one of the most popular ways to stretch 4c hair without heat.

To do this, you’ll need to:

  • First, shampoo hair and scalp thoroughly
  • Next, apply conditioner to make detangling easier
  • Then section hair into small sections and use an elastic band to secure them
  • If desired, apply more conditioner to each section and rinse off
  • Finally, braid each of the sections and leave them to dry

10. Flexi Rods Method

Flexi rods are soft rubber curlers that bend easily around your hair and around themselves to secure their position.

They work in a very similar manner as jumbo rollers.

To use, simply need to:

  • Part your hair into small sections
  • Roll each section around a Flexi rod
  • Secure the rods around themselves
  • Let them sit for a few hours until completely dry
  • Afterward, take down and style as desired

For best results on afro-textured hair, be sure to use smooth Flexi rods that will not pull or tangle on strands.

Also, moisturize hair thoroughly using the LOC or LCO methods before applying the Flexi rods for a smooth finish.

11. Rubber Plates Method

Rubber plates are a less common but effective way to stretch 4c hair without heat.

As the name suggests, you’ll need the rubber plates that typically run along the length of your hair for this method.

Each plate is about two inches wide and has clips to secure the hair in position.

To use, you need to:

  • Part hair into small sections
  • Then lay hair stretched onto a rubber plate from root to tip 
  • Secure with the clips and leave to dry

12. Twist and Re-twist Method

The twist and re-twist method is another heatless way to stretch your 4c hair effectively.

As the name suggests, this method entails twisting hair, undoing it every few hours, and re-twisting it.

You need to repeat this process severally until your hair is completely dry.

Each time you re-twist hair, the strands stretch out more and more.

While effective in stretching hair without heat, this method can be time-consuming. Also, re-twisting hair can result in over-manipulation and damage to the hair over time.

13. Absorbent Material Method

Absorbent material helps dry your hair faster without the use of any heat. It also speeds up the drying process and reduces frizz.

The most popular absorbent materials are T-shirts and microfibre towels.

For best results, you will need to:

  • Wash and deep condition hair or simply do a co-wash
  • Merely wrap your absorbent material securely around the hair
  • Secure the fabric by tucking the ends under the edges around
  • Make sure to wring out any excess water before wrapping
  • Let it sit for a couple of hours until the hair feels dry
  • Afterward, style as desired

FAQ on 4c hair

What is shrinkage?

Shrinkage is the natural contracting of hair when it’s wet. It results in curly or kinky hair looking shorter than it is. For example, if your dry hair stretches out to a length of 12 inches, shrinkage will make it look only about two to three inches long when wet.

Can I use heat to stretch my hair?

Using heat to stretch your hair is possible, but we don’t recommend frequent use. Heat can cause damage to the cuticle layer and lead to frizz and split ends. Additionally, using too much heat can make hair susceptible to breakage.

Can I use products to stretch my hair?

There are several natural methods you can use to effectively and safely stretch your hair without the need for any heat or chemicals. These methods include using: jumbo rollers, Flexi rods, rubber plates, and absorbent materials. Additionally, various products on the market can help stretch hair, including curl activators, elongating gels, and curl creams. However, it is essential to note that overuse of these products can lead to dryness and scalp irritation.

How can I prevent frizz on my kinky hair?

Frizz occurs as a result of dryness and breakage that causes split ends. Proper moisturizing using the LOC method and regular deep conditioning is enough to keep your strands soft, smooth and shiny without any frizz. Also, be sure not to over-manipulate on wash day so you won’t cause undue damage that leads to frizzing later.

How do I know if my hair is healthy?

If you are concerned that your hair may not be healthy, there are several things you can look for, including dryness, brittleness, breakage, split ends, and excessive shedding. If you notice these signs, consult a professional stylist or dermatologist for advice.


These are some of the best tips and tricks for stretching your curls without using any heat. You can achieve a longer, more stretched look while keeping your hair healthy and free from damage by following these methods. 

Try out a few of these methods and find what works best for you!